Hansen Nursery is a small nursery specializing primarily in Cyclamen. We’ve been dedicated to growing and shipping species Cyclamen for more than 25 years, and hope you will take the opportunity to explore these delightful plants. Most Cyclamen prefer dry shade, and there is a Cyclamen suitable for nearly every climate in the U.S.

Many are fragrant and flowering times range from summer through spring, including Cyclamen coum, which can flower from late December through March and provides a much-needed lift to the spirits when little else is blooming. Flower colors range from pure white to darkest pink or magenta. Cyclamen are also known for their wonderful variety of leaf shapes and markings, including the round leaves of Cyclamen intaminatum and the ivy-leaved or arrowhead shapes of Cyclamen hederifolium. Many Cyclamen have silver patterns and markings or leaves washed entirely silver.

To request a PDF catalog of Cyclamen and other smaller, mostly hardy bulbs such as Scillas, Muscari, Erythronium, Trillium and others, please e-mail me at robin@hansennursery.com with your request.

The catalog contains detailed planting and growing instructions, but please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information.